Sodium fluoride anti-caries coating agent

Model: Resin type Specifications: 5g/ PCS, 10g/ PCS (contains 50mg sodium fluoride per gram, equivalent to 22.6mg fluorine)

Structure: sodium fluoride, ethanol, cera Chinensis, frankincense, silica, ethyl cellulose, triethyl citrate.

Scope of application: Suitable for the prevention of caries.

Recommended advantages

1. Processed by the unique high shear emulsification combined with ultra-high pressure homogenization technology to ensure the uniform dispersion of the active ingredients.
  • The product has no caking and is uniformly applied to the surface of teeth
  • Highlight glossiness and apply to the surface of the teeth more beautiful
  • Fluoride ion release is efficient and stable
  • It solidifies more quickly after contact with saliva


2.Can accelerate the rapid release of fluoride ions to reach the effective concentration in the shortest time and maintain the long-term stability.
  • Patented technology and advanced preparation process
  • Efficient release, more effective in preventing caries
  • Deep protection, long prevention

Product feature


The product has been tested by pharmacokinetics as well as acute and chronic toxicity, which fully verifies that the product is safe for human use.


Proprietary formula and unique technology determine the effective ingredient release concentration high efficiency and lasting.


Each product is equipped with a special metering card and brush, quick and easy to use.

Usage method and operation steps

Step 1

Remove plaque and dry teeth with an air gun or cotton swab before using the product;

Step 2

According to the "recommended single-use dose" in the instructions, squeeze the product into the supporting metering card and wait for use;

Step 3

Use a small brush, probe or cotton swab to dip appropriate amount of product and evenly apply to the tooth surface;

Step 4

Do not eat 2-4 hours after applying the product, and do not brush your teeth for 24 hours.

Clinical application suggestions

Authorized patent and production qualification