On October 28, Xu Bei, the general manager of the PE Fund Investment Department of Shanghai Fujian Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FHC), a subsidiary of Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group), visited JCMED and held an investment cooperation conference for future investment cooperation.

△Xu Bei (third from left), General Manager of PE Fund Investment Department, JCMED chairman Wu Yufan (third from right), General manager Zhou Bin (fourth from right), Deputy general Manager Zhang Ming (second from right) and others attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Ming, deputy general manager, introduced in detail the general situation of JCMED, the clinical background, advantages and progress of innovative bone repair products, as well as the invention patents, product development background and market promotion of mefloxacin sodium fluoride anti-caries coating agent. They only discussed and exchanged views on the future development of bone repair materials facing centralized procurement and innovative medical devices, but also conducted in-depth communication and exchange on the product background, advantages, sales and the future development of JCMED.


△Group photo of participants

Through this exchange and negotiation, both sides have enhanced their understanding of each other and look forward to more extensive cooperation in the next step.