On October 25, 2022, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, JCMED, Guangzhou CRO, Shanghai SMO and other clinical trial partners held the kick-off meeting of "Clinical trial on the effectiveness and safety of magnesium containing biodegradable polymer bone repair materials in the repair of non-load-bearing bone defects of limbs" through online video conference.

Professor Fan Cunyi, Professor Liu Shen and Director Ruan Hongjiang of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Professor Qin Ling, Chief Scientist, Researcher Lai Yuxiao (Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Research Institute), Chairman Wu Yufan, General Manager Zhou Bin and Deputy General Manager Zhang Ming of JCMED attended the kick-off meeting.

△ Venues in Shanghai and Shenzhen

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Fan Cunyi and Professor Qinling delivered a speech. JCMED made a detailed introduction according to the company profile and the research and development background, project progress and clinical trial plan of innovative bone repair products (including magnesium biodegradable polymer bone repair materials), and conducted the on-site Q&A process. Subsequently, participants from both places had a full discussion on the key issues of the project.

The holding of this kick-off meeting marks the successful launch of eight clinical trial centers, including Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, and Guangzhou First People's Hospital, which have cooperated with JCMED.