Recently, in order to implement the relevant requirements of National Medical Products Administration(NMPA) to support the innovative development of the medical device industry in Dawan District,

according to the Notice on the Adjustment of the Arrangement of the Review and Inspection of the Evaluation Business of the Yangtze River Delta and Dawan Divisions and the Consultation Work of the Department of the Medical Device Review Center issued by the department of the Medical Device Technical Review Center of the NMPA in Dawan Sub-center (hereinafter referred to as MDRC of NMPA in Dawan Sub-center ), the team of MDRC of NMPA in Dawan Sub-center went to the enterprise to carry out the communication and exchange of innovative early intervention of medical devices.

On May 8, 2021, the director of MDRC of NMPA in Dawan Sub-center and his team visited JCMED to guide on innovative bone repair products ( magnesium biodegradable polymer bone repair materials).

△ Director Liu Bin (second from right) of Instrument Dawan Branch Center

Accompanied by Zhou Bin, the general manager and Zhang Ming, the deputy general manager of JCMED, Director Liu Bin and his team visited the 100000 level clean workshop, the laboratory of the physical and chemical test center, and the joint laboratory of medical biomaterials that meet the GMP standard. They learn the production and research and development of innovative bone repair products on the spot. According to the production process and technical principles of innovative bone repair products, they conducted in-depth communication.